3 tips for boosting your brand’s social media personality

If a potential client or employee is trying to learn more about your organization, chances are they’re going to turn to social media for the answers. An estimated 77 percent of Americans currently have a personal social media profile — compared to 44 percent of Americans in 2010 (source). Whether it’s a personal or brand message, social media has become ingrained with how we communicate today: Businesses are buying influencers to promote their brand, one Tweet can create a major news story and an Instagram post can grab the attention of millions. The lines of communication are increasingly shared by all — your favorite brand, store, product or neighbor can be heard on the same platforms. 

As these lines blur, it’s more important than ever for your company to have a strong social media presence, one that feels personal to your audiences. Here are three ways you can infuse your company’s social media channels with personality:

Give your company an online personality that fits

It’s easy for company channels to function as robots, posting infrequently, not engaging with followers, lagging in response time, and so on. Treat your company’s channels as your own by paying attention to your audiences like they were followers on your personal profile. Engage with their posts, comment when appropriate and respond quickly to messages.

Make sure your company’s social media presence develops and maintains its own personality. From grammar style to photo filters, your channels should have a consistent flow. If multiple people are running the account, establish a tone of voice and brand guidelines that still allow for personality and adaptability in the fast-moving digital world.

Be #mindful with hashtags

By allowing content to be discovered by audiences outside of your existing audiences, hashtags are an excellent way for your brand’s presence to jump into conversations happening throughout social media.

Try using the “large, medium, small” hashtag theory: Start with a hashtag as generic as you can think of, followed by two hashtags of increasingly narrowed focus. For example, at Branigan Communications, we might use the “large” hashtag #PR, which has over 6 million connected posts, #MilwaukeeAgency, with over 2,000 posts, for “medium,” and something specific to our brand, such as #BraniganComm for “small.” This method helps develop specific brand hashtags while connecting to the larger, relevant conversations at the same time.

Use the ease of technology to your advantage

We are living in a time where speed is important, but at the same time, quality matters. Cameras and phones are interchangeable, online software simplifies editing processes and social media management tools make it easy to spread information at the right time. Yet, blurry photos won’t engage your audience. Stand out on social by sticking to standards of high quality. Use online photo and creative editing services to keep your digital content consistent and strong. When it’s time to post, use a social media management platform such as Hootsuite or Social Studio to ensure the message is going out on the right platform and at the perfect time.