Best and Brightest Talent

About Us

The team at Branigan Communications is a little bit like a Shelby Mustang. We have timeless ideas, communications smarts and a high-performance work ethic. We are in growth mode and always on the lookout for ambitious people who want to make a difference, produce great work and have fun along the way.

What We Seek

Integrity is the cornerstone of our company — everything begins and ends with how we treat each other. It’s been that way since we opened the doors in 2004, and it applies to employees and clients alike. Here are the traits our employees possess and what we look for when we add new people to our team:

  • Positivity, confidence and a client-first mentality
  • Competitiveness, collaboration and creativity
  • Strategic thinking, action-oriented, results-focused

What We Offer

Your work life at Branigan Communications will be fun, challenging and rewarding. Beyond the work, we promote personal growth through a comprehensive wellness program and many opportunities for our employees to make a difference in our community.


So, you want to work at BC?

  • Do you value positivity, collaboration and getting results? We do, and so do our clients.
  • Do you LOL? We do, too. We also like to break into song and speak with an accent on occasion.
  • Do you care about giving back? We’re serious about philanthropy at BC. How serious? 1,000 hours per year serious.
  • Do you ever dream of having your own action figure? On your five-year anniversary, it’s our gift to you.
  • Do you roundly acknowledge The Who as the best rock band of all time? Then we’ll get along just fine.
  • Do references to the Lido Deck make you think of work? It’s where some of our best work happens.
  • Do you believe in doing whatever it takes to get the job done? That, my friend, is The Branigan Way.
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