Let’s do some great work together.

Your brand is your most important asset. Put it in good hands, ours. We won’t waste time reading palms or tea leaves for direction. We’ll base your communications on actionable insights that tell meaningful stories and insulate your business and brand.

We are always ready to deliver.

The team at Branigan Communications is a little bit like a Shelby Mustang. We have timeless ideas, communications smarts and a high performance work ethic that enables us to adapt to your business year after year. That and we look good in black.

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Elevator Speech

We've only got a few floors so let's do this.

Branigan Communications is an insight-driven communications company.

Our team will:

  • Help define your brand,
  • Position your company in the marketplace, and
  • Measure tangible results and ROI.

The intersection of your pain-points and our communications expertise with global brands is where the magic happens.

We don't do everything; we don't claim to.

Clients work with us for three reasons:

  • We have the chops,
  • We are ethical, and
  • We have chemistry. We laugh together, we cry together.

Actually, not the crying - that's just weird.

Simple Storytelling

Everyone has a story, and that includes you.

Tell it to us. Help us understand why you need some extra muscle.

Have you ever taken a look at a book/blog/release/pitch/menu and asked yourself where all the good writers have gone?

We have.
They're here.

Writing is an art that we take very seriously at Branigan. When you give your story to us, we'll adapt it to every critical audience and channel.

We'll tell your story consistently and with moxie:

  • Brand essence and positioning
  • Strategic message development
  • Product, programmatic or event key messaging
  • Media writing
  • Social media content development.


We have a clear point of view on giving back to the community. It's a good thing and here's why:

  • It's not about us, it's about you.
  • We believe in client-focused results and collaborative success. Giving back to our community is an essential counterpoint.
  • Helping others gives us perspective that enriches everything we do.
  • How serious are we about philanthropy, you ask? 1,000 hours per year serious.

The Branigan Communications team gives time and talent to the following organizations:

  • The Ability Center
  • Danceworks,  Inc.
  • Froedtert Hospital
  • Interfaith
  • Marquette University
  • Pathfinders, Inc.
  • Rotary Club of Milwaukee
  • United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF)
  • United Way of Greater Milwaukee
  • Yellow Phone Music Conference.
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What We Do

You know those companies that tell you that they not only do everything, but that they're the best at everything?

We don't do that. Nobody does that.

Instead, we laser in on the areas of communications we excel at and have a real affinity for.

Below you'll see our wheelhouse, defined. If what you need isn't in there, we'll connect you with one of our trusted, proven business partners.

  • Brand strategy and research
  • Social media strategy development and execution
  • Media relations
  • Employee, investor and labor relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Integrated communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Corporate and consumer events






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  • It all begins and ends with how we treat each other.
  • We do what we say we'll do.
  • No surprises.


The Secret Sauce

We'll share our process with anyone. At Branigan, we don't worry about copycats. Results happen when our team implements and there is no substitute for that secret sauce - anywhere.

  • Download: Meet face-to-face to get to know you and your business. We'll also clarify the scope of the project, its budget and timeline.
  • Analyze: Absorb any and all information regarding your brand, target, competitors, communications and market trends.
  • Fortify: Fill any information gaps that exist.
  • Conduct: Convene for a strategy session to collaboratively craft the underpinnings of your brand, bull's eye target, personality and positioning.
  • Develop: Create a strategic communications plan that focuses on achieving your business objectives.
  • Implement: Begin launch of communications plan.
  • Measure: Ensure communications are delivering against your business objectives.
  • Optimize: When possible, improve communications based on metrics.


End Game

  • Our process enables us to consistently ask, "What is the end game?" If the road we're on doesn't match our collective goals and we can't see the blinking lights at the oasis, we pull over, retool and switch gears.



  • The better the relationship, the better the work.
  • There will be ups and downs. We get it.
  • The difference between a brand in stasis and a brand that thrives is a partner that will help you adapt when it's necessary. We use insights and trends that have the power to last and then make sure they help you achieve long-term success.


At Branigan, we prove that your communications are doing what they are supposed to do.

We start by zeroing in on your business and communications objectives. Then we collaboratively select the appropriate metrics to get the job done. Maybe it's fielding an awareness study, conducting imagery qualitative or monitoring sales tracking data.

Our team has deep experience in qualitative, quantitative, syndicated and secondary research techniques, so whatever metrics you need, we can help.

Need a quick and easy way to monitor these metrics and the ongoing health of your brand? We can create a customized dashboard for you that makes it easy for you and your team.

Our Brand Strategy team ensures that Branigan Communications delivers insightful communications that work.

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The Team

Branigan Communications is an insight-driven communications company that understands complex businesses. We break them down to the drivers that resonate with its stakeholders and then we build a strategic communications plan that sets the playbook on fire.


We Love Our Clients

They need no introduction. They are the reason we exist. We are focused on their satisfaction and work hard to deliver on everything - our writing, our strategic communications, our relationship and our ability to answer trivia questions during conference calls.

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Look at us! Not really. We despise self-promotion, but we know it’s a necessary evil for people like you to find us. That’s the silver lining.

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When you get this text from Tom, you know it’s AGITH.

Action Figures

Our five-year anniversary gift for employees. Gold watches? Not at Branigan.

Action Figures

AGITH (All Good in the Hood)

Phew! All is well on the client front.

B & T (Block and Tackle)

Tom’s way of saying, yes, we’ve got the basics covered.


It’s appropriate to use this noise when a client project has gone off without a hitch, or if you’ve just gotten someone good… really good.


The Branigan Communications Birthday Committee has been in operation for years. Instead of a card and a smile, we celebrate birthdays by grouping them by season and watching a movie of the birthday group’s choice on an afternoon in our Entwistle conference room. It’s epic.

Besties or BFF

If we like you, you’re a bestie.

Boo Yeah!

Yes, we’ve done it for you and we rocked it.

Brand Strat

We shorten everything, including our Brand Strategy department.


The Branigan team.


Guinness already took brilliant.


Branigan Communications capabilities. New biz pitch? Yes, we have capes.

CTJ (Come to Jesus)

You would know it if we’ve had one of these conversations with you.

Deep Dive

As deep as brand strategy dives. Very deep.


There is always a distro or press release distribution happening at Branigan Communications.


The best conference room any company has ever had. R.I.P. John Entwistle.


Fabulous is too much to say quickly.

Fo Shizzle

Yes, we can send that to you right away.


Friend of Branigan Communications. Enough said.

Fro Yo Friday

Everyone needs a frozen yogurt break on Friday afternoons, don’t they?

Halloween Bake-Off Extravaganza-Palooza Fest.

A little competition that happens every fall and brings out the best in BC baking skills. There are no rules, just the fact that choking under pressure is not an option. Those that succeed get bragging rights and the coveted Starbucks mug. Our esteemed panel of judges is tough and a little tidbit of information: they don’t like pumpkin-flavored anything. Nothing. Enter if you dare.


Hands of Unusual Size. Hammer, our fond nickname for Amanda Holloway, has these hands. Next time you’re at Branigan, ask her to show you. They’re legendary.


I’m 100 percent on board, but not really.

Joey B’s

A little Italian restaurant down the block that knows us like family.

K, yo

As in, "Yes, I understand and will make that happen, stat."


There are some BC team members that give a whole new meaning to these letters. Some say that when the laughing reaches a certain decibel, only dogs can hear it.


Our brand strat folks like to talk about making brands magnetic. You know, so that people are drawn to them.


A 2011 white elephant favorite. This is the office microphone with built-in Christmas music and an optional elf voice effect. It is the gift that keeps on giving, regardless of the season.

Never Say Never

No, not the Biebs. Please, no more Biebs. This is the BC philosophy when it comes to our clients. Whatever it takes.


It's not a word you hear at Branigan. We'll get it done.

O to the M to the G

Something OOC has happened, fo shizzle.

Oh, Geez

Oh, geez. That is all.

Old Man Parrot

This noise comes out of Tom’s office. A lot.

OOC (Out of Control)

These letters can apply to nearly every situation in life. It usually crops up in the most unexpected places. Usage includes: “Tom, you’re OOC.”


It would be too laborious to say, perfect.


The only cube at Branigan with a personality.


Quadrophenia. An Album. A CD. The Who's masterwork.


Quiet. It happens on occasion at Branigan...until someone breaks into song or laughter.


The answer to this question is often the question itself. Really? Really.


Short for ridiculous. Isn’t that ridic? Yes, yes it is.

Send Me a Thing

A meeting invite. Yeah, we’re not sure we get it either.


See the answer to, "really?"


The situation often becomes the sitch.


Sometimes the sitch is sketch.


Significant others. They are always a part of the Branigan family.

Sweet Corn

Yes, that outcome makes us as happy as the sweeter version of corn.

The Branigan Way

Whatever it takes.

The Homeland

The only place we let our employees vacation. Ireland, of course.


It totally needs no definition. Totes.


Something very, very major.

Ummmm, yeah

A phrase that you’ll hear one team member say to another when they agree, but not really. “Should I write a press release about the that sketch sitch that happened in Tom’s office last week?” “Ummm, yeah…”


How we want our clients to present communications results to their stakeholders. It’s not magic, but it’s close.

Wellness Wednesday

The time of the week we take to celebrate our health and wellness, our accomplishments, and create a reason for healthy-ish snacks in the office.


We know we didn’t make this up, but it’s so fitting, so often.

X = ?

Ummm, yeah, we have no idea what X stands for. We didn’t in high school and today, we still don’t.


Tom’s favorite social media avenue. The team’s a little tired of receiving Funny or Die videos, but…

Zeee End

Yes, we have a sense of humor at Branigan and to take it a step further, you might find a few of us trying to speak with really authentic accents throughout the day. To add to the frivolity and sheer importance of this list, we can recite it back to you in French, Irish, English and German accents. Just ask. Thank you for reading through our Glossary of Terms and no, you can’t have that hour of your life back. The movie’s over. Go home. Go on, go.
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We want to hear from you if you're ready for references about The Who and if you're ready for us to send you a thing (see glossary terms listing).



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Suite 635
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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